Friday, July 19, 2013

On the needles

I have made progress on the camouflage socks for oldest son. Someone thought I was knitting a bra with my first post of these socks so I separated and flipped one to avoid confusion.  I am continually loosing my loop on the end because they are so big as I increase for the gusset. And he doesn't even have big feet for a man. What is it like to knit really big socks!?! I knit a couple rows of the striping yarn by Trekking every time I sit down and knit to the next color change. scroll down to yesterdays post to see the little go bag. I have gone through 4 of the 9 skeins of yarn for my sweater. I really need to thread a ribbon through the bottom to see how it will fit. It looks huge for me. Yes put a ribbon through and try it on before I go any farther. Linking to Judy's on the needles. --Ann--


Teresa in Music City said...

Such fun projects! I have to knit a pair of sock for my hubby - I think he would love them.

Michelle said...

Love the colors of your socks - especially the vivid stripes!