Thursday, April 17, 2014

snow and quilt

Yesterday it was kinda dark in the house since it was snowing outside, yes still snowing in April. I thought taking pics of quilts in the snow would be a good I gather the quilts and camera and put on outdoor shoes. I'm gingerly stepping down the steps and whoosh I'm on my fannie on the middle step. Good thing its well padded. I gather my dignity and firmly plant my feet on the patio and pull myself to an upright position. No sense in wasting the effort I spread this quilt on the snowy ground and snap a couple photos. The color is so much brighter in natural light. There was a bit of a hill in the center of the star as is so common with six and eight point stars with bias edges.  Okay I admit it was a mountain but as my friend Bev always said no baby is going to cry over that. I did a lot of patting as I layered the quilt and more as I quilted it and once through the washer and dryer (and isn't it wonderful that cotton still shrinks) a multitude of infractions were diminished. I picked up the quilt, shook off the snow wrapped the camera strap around my arm and padded it with the quilt then turned around and looked at the steps. The other doors to the house were all locked so I had to go back the way I came. Nothing gingerly about the trip up the stairs I stepped in snow over my ankles and plodded up the steps. Safely inside I took off my shoes and changed socks. Only one quilt got the Senior-pics-outdoor-photo-special.  Mailing it will wait 'til the snow is gone. --Ann--


Raewyn said...

What a neat quilt - Love that star and how it radiates out! I asked an online friend the other day why she doesn't post pictures of her quilts on all the snow she has....she said it's not as easy as it looks, so it was fun to read your story!

Judy S. said...

Very pretty! Glad you didn't hurt yourself!

One Earlybird said...

Love the quilt. You have inspired me to make one similar so thanks for the tip about the mountain in the middle tendency. Glad you didn't hurt yourself slipping on the steps and good on you for carrying on, I think I might have whimpered back inside.