Monday, December 15, 2014

A Chrsitmas Tree

I found a story about how the fir tree moved from a pagan to a Christian  symbol. 
      The ancient Scandinavians worshiped trees as if they were living gods. Legend has is that Saint Winfred chopped down mighty oak to prove that it was a tree and only a tree. As the tree fell it spared a young fir tree and Saint Winfred spoke "This little tree, a young child of the forest, shall be your holy tree tonight. It is the wood of peace, for your houses are built of the fir. It is a sign of endless life, for its leaves are ever green. See how it points upward to heaven. Let this be called the tree of the Christ-child; gather about it, not in the wildwood, but in your own homes; there it will shelter no deeds of blood, but loving gifts and rites of kindness."
      from the book "Who is Santa Clause?: a History or St.Nicholas, the Christmas Tree, and the Three Wise Men" by William Walsh.

The ladies of my church made straw ornaments again (click tree in the sanctuary last year) for the tree at the courthouse.
It's snowing here--Ann--

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