Friday, December 12, 2014

On and off the needles

I  had a week of finishes. The house is decorated, cookies are mixed and chilling, a church project is complete and these socks. I was experiencing technical difficulties (ETD) last week and couldn't get pics uploaded so the top pic was meant to be in last weeks OTN, the white on the heel looks like a nose so I had to add eyes.
The stitch pattern is a 6 stitch repeat Row 1&2: k1,p1 3x   Row 3&4: k1,p2,k1,p2

Looks like I'm still ETD. I took the pic of unfinished gloves horizontal but the computer changed it as it moved from point A to point B. I knit two at a time on cable needles until I got to the fingers then I had to switch to DPNs. Knitting the fingers was not difficult just awkward,  the next pair of gloves I am going to write down how many stitches I used in each finger because you add a couple then pick up stitches between fingers, some fingers are a little snugger than others but they fit.........well like a glove. I love the way the fingers striped. I'm definitely going to make more out of sock yarn.  And another pair of reading mitts.  linking to Judy's OTN.  I'm almost done with Christmas knitting. --Ann--

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Dar said...

These are great pictures of all your knitting projects. It makes me smile every time you put eyes on your sock pictures. Too cute. You are s knitting wonder like Judy. Fancy gloves,lots of beautiful socks and all 2 at a time. My new idol. Love seeing what you are working on. It inspires me to keep at it. Thx.