Thursday, December 18, 2014

Six Decades of Christmas Trees

Six decades of Christmas trees......
This was made by my Maternal Grandmother in the 1960's every year I glue something back in place.
Triangle tree was made my my great aunt, sister of my maternal grandmother a note on the back to my parents says thank you for hosting 50th anniversary party in 1976.

I did the cross stitch in 1980's and I see that I didn't date or initial it.
a weaving my mother did in the 1990's
 A Christmas quilt I made in the 2000's I believe it is a Sandy Gervais pattern.
 Machine quilting on the back of a quilt 2010's, custom quilting for a friend and the only picture I have because of the great computer crash of 2011 at my house.  Six decades of Christmas trees and some will never go out of style.--Ann--



Terri said...

Please sign and date your additions. Someone later will want to know. You have a lovely heritage there.

Judy D in WA said...

What great Christmas trees! Love them all.