Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Quick trip to the Grocery Store

We stayed in a flat a couple blocks from where grand niece was living for the semester so we picked up a few things at the grocery store.

 The fresh produce looked sumptuous.........
 He could spot a tourist...the breads and pastries.........

 the deli


 and more cheese
 olive oil, sunflower oil and corn oil don't you wish our packaging made it that easy?!?
 Pasta in a aisle as long as our cereal aisle. a shape of pasta I had never seen.

 ah the vino with the black rooster for Chianti from the region.

Believe me I had to slap my hands so I wouldn't fill up a cart as if I were cooking for a family of five. I just bought coffee and yogurt.  The flat we were staying in was on the third floor. We could handle that no problem?! The web site didn't say that the apartments had 15 foot tall ceilings, seventy five steps up and seventy five steps down.  Makes a person think twice about how many groceries to buy at a time. My fitbit said we walked 95,000+ steps from Monday to Monday and 3 of those days were travel without many steps. We walked 41+ miles in and around Florence. --Ann--

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Raewyn said...

I'm just having a catch up read of your posts, Ann. Wow, looks like a great trip! Lucky you:-)