Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Winery

It was good to get out of the city and see the countryside. I can only imagine how beautiful the country is in spring, summer and fall. There are oak trees and olive trees and vineyards. The Appennino Mountains are in the distance and divide Italy east and west.   Italy was not a Republic until after WWII.  Each region had its own independent government.  This winery in a symbolic effort to unify Italy started mixing grapes from the north, middle and south regions to make a new wine, Chianti was the result. Chianti from this area will have a black rooster on the label.

We tasted vino, a sparkling  spumante, a light refreshing white that started with a v, chianti classico and a reserve chianti  which was very rich and oaky and ate crostini with their olive oil, afterward we had a dessert wine with biscotti the dessert wine was sweet and thick like a creme sherry. It was all delicious.--Ann--

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