Monday, December 21, 2015

Lovely Weekend


I generally don't sew much in December because I am decorating and baking and shopping.  Darling daughter helped with the decorating after Thanksgiving and kids keep sending me links to their favorite items so all I have to do is point and click then go to the door when the UPS man comes.   This year I had a couple quilts that I really wanted to get done for Christmas.  So this past weekend the guys went hunting again and DD came home to love up sons dog so she doesn't have to get one then she did my Christmas baking!!!  I had the doughs mixed up so all she had to do was slice and bake or roll dough into balls and bake.  She was having so much fun she even mixed up some more dough.  I let her be queen of the kitchen and I went to my sewing room.  Occasionally she would come in with a question or the scullery maid would come out to the kitchen and do a quick clean up and taste test then back to the sewing machine.  It was a great weekend!!! Thank you Darling Daughter.  All I have left to do is stitch the binding.  --Ann--

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