Friday, December 4, 2015

On the Needles

I have just been knitting in circles.  The sweater has knit so fast but then I never come to the end of the row, I just go round and round and round some more and my coffee gets cold or I'm watching the telly with hubby in the evening and he has the remote so we are watching a little of this and a little of that with some hunting or fishing shows in between football and basketball and maybe some golf and the announcer or host starts whispering because they are sneaking up on some critter that they don't want to scare or ruin a putt and pretty soon hubby is asleep but his finger continues to twitch and change channels so I just knit and knit some more kinda like this run on sentence. Sometimes if I really want to watch something I go downstairs and after a half hour on the elliptical I sit down with the remote and watch what I want to watch, commercials and all because I can't knit if I am changing the channel.  Can anyone relate?   --Ann-- Linking to Judy's OTN


Paula, the quilter said...

Holy Smokes! Just substitute car shows and discovery channel programming and you just described my house!

Ramona said...

Same here! We go from game to game at my house. I don't pay a lot of attention, so am often confused when I look up and see different color uniforms. He changed the channel again! :) He asks me what I want to watch on Sunday nights when nothing is good. I just keep knitting or stitching as well. I love your sweater!