Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Quilts around the house

The quilts have been changed to the Christmas quilts so the decorating is almost done.  Darling daughter helped trim the tree and several other things after Thanksgiving.  We played a rousing couple rounds of Scrabble.  Then daughter said "enough with all these four letter words!" even though they were all nice four letter words.  Building new words from existing four letter words becomes quite challenging and my letters seldom landed on a double or triple point square.  All my well thought out single letter additions were foiled by someone adding another single letter to the board.  I could have had a triple word score by adding an "s" to the end of "cable" but someone else added an "o" to the "t" above  when it could have made "go" in another spot for three times the points or to a different "t" for double the points.  I was told I was being a sore loser.  It was still fun.
It is snowing again its coming down like sifted sugar. --Ann--

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