Thursday, June 30, 2016

Eye Spy Quilts

See there really are two quilts, I finished the binding last night I love striped binding and I had enough for one, the other is lots of bits from the binding box.  I feel like today is a Monday after the last road trip with darling daughter.  First I helped her hang pictures in her new apartment, she learned the Ann way of centering a frame on the wall, measure the wall then fold the tape measure in half, no math!!  Then we had a day of shopping, she had a long list of things she needed like a lamp and window treatments, we found a real bargain on the curtains, then she found a dress for all the summer weddings.  My big purchase was footies that were on  sale. The next day was lasik surgery on her eyes and now she has 20 20 vision in one eye and almost 20 20 in the other,  in the next days or weeks it should catch up. She did the math on the cost of her prescription eye glasses and contacts and decided she should have the surgery.  Everything went well perfect in fact. Then we puttered around getting back home.  It was a great beginning of the week and here I am on the back side of the week and the last day of June.  --Ann--


Ramona said...

Such fun Eye Spy quilts! I loved striped binding, too, and need to get better about using the binding scraps I've accumulated. Sounds like your visit with your daughter was fun and productive. Have a great 4th of July!

Vic in NH said...

The quilts are so fun and I love striped bindings, too! The quilting is quite well done and I thank you for the close ups to appreciate it. Glad that DD surgery went so well and you got to visit.