Wednesday, June 22, 2016

List of Rules

As I was sorting through things in my sewing room I paused to look through my notebook of blog ideas.  I saw my list of rules from 2013.  
1. Not buying fabric unless I needed it to finish a project or sometimes I needed it to start a project.  I bend that rule frequently.
2.  Knit only wearables because as a quilter I do not need to knit blankets.  I have really stuck to that one.  Good thing we need clean socks everyday except in summer when why bother.  
3. Has been the most challenging is no new things could go in the closet unless I got rid of something of equal size or larger.   That has kept me from collecting more art supplies, it has only been bent for yarn and if I put it in a vacuum sealed bag the yarn doesn't take up any space at all.  Haven't really done that but its a thought.  Then I couldn't pet my yarn.
4. Spend more time on the elliptical reading;  I go faster if I watch something instead of read so I am caught up on the final season of Downton Abbey and a few other prime series like Poldark and Bleak House and now Doctor Thorn.
5. New rule no more canning things so I got rid of all that stuff and I haven't canned anything in years my little garden doesn't produce enough and I hate putting all that steam in the house when the AC is running just to keep up with an ordinary hot day in August.  And the new house has a very small yard with no garden.
Sometimes rules make life a little easier and so does my notebook  I'll start a new notebook with the new house. --Ann--


Ramona said...

It's funny to look back at things we've written to keep us focused and on track. Your flowers are beautiful!

cityquilter grace said...

one more rule you might consider...plant more hollyhocks....beautiful!