Thursday, July 21, 2016

Natural Wonders in Iceland

I was sewing like a demon the end of June and early July then I paced my posts while we were on a trip.  Now I'm home again and trying to get back in the swing of things, except the swing of things means sorting and tossing then filling boxes because it's four and a half weeks until the moving truck comes.  I guess I'll linger over travel photos............
 Would I ever go anywhere where there weren't any wildflowers!?!
and there she blows
 Gullfoss waterfall
 is a two step waterfall I can only imagine how gorgeous it is on a sunny day with rainbow fragments in the spray.
What caught my eye looking the other direction? the blue on the hills! lupins!
Lupin seeds from Alaska were planted to stop erosion of the land and they liked it in Iceland and spread and spread and spread some more.

and believe it or not it was getting to be the end of the bloom season.

The lupins went on for miles and miles along the highway.  More tomorrow. --Ann--


Ramona said...

Your photos are beautiful! And those lupines...gorgeous! Iceland is on our list of places to visit.

Raewyn said...

It looks like such a beautiful trip, I love your photos!