Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Rocks in Iceland

Iceland is made of rocks, big rocks and little rocks, rough rocks and smooth rocks. Miles and miles of lava flow rocks, they seem to go on forever, eventually moss grows on the rocks then other plants take root in the moss.

There are basalt columns like the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland all over Iceland.  The five and six sided columns have been jiggled, shook and cracked by earthquakes so they are scattered every which direction, then they have been bent and moved by glaciers and volcanic flow, they have become home for birds who don't show them much respect. 

Seaweed grows on the rocks and the seals lay on the rocks.
 A glacier carving a valley out of the rock.  U shaped valleys are made by glaciers, V shaped valleys are made by running water  Iceland has lots of valleys and gullies.
 icebergs from the glacier and the rocks left behind by the receding glacier.

 Black lava pebble beach.   More tomorrow --Ann--

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Ramona said...

How much of Iceland did you see? The scenery is just amazing. I'm ready to go now! And were you with a tour or did you travel on your own?