Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!! the trick or treaters are going to get chilly here tonight.
It was a busy week last week but not much that was blog worthy, I had son's dog for a few days we had lovely weather for long walks I got my 10,000 steps in those days.  She forgot that at my house she has to stay in the kitchen or dining room I ran downstairs for something when I came up she was sitting on the carpet waiting for me so I sat in my spot in the sun room and read and knit for the duration for her visit. My sweater is the same color as her fur. In natural light they match, the flash really washed out the sweater.  Then son came and took her home so I had to vacuum and scrub the drool spots from the floor.

Darling daughter came for a long weekend since the guys went hunting again.  We spent a day shopping we bought apples from the orchard, I bought yarn and we had a delicious lunch.  The rest of the weekend we watched movies and I knit some more and she went home.  Then I did necessary things like rearranging my closet so I could get at my cozy warm sweaters without using a stool and put the short pants out of reach until next spring.  The trees are almost bare,  the wind is cold and the sky is grey tomorrow must be November.  --Ann--

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Judy S. said...

Love that sweater! What's the pattern? Happy Halloween!