Monday, October 24, 2016

Design Wall

 Sometimes it is just too hard to decide on the fabric for a completely new project so then I dig into the strips that are cut or the bags of leftovers.  Does anyone else have that problem??? What do I start on next???  I pulled out the neutrals from last winter,  In a Fog,  Crop Circles  I always learn something when I work in a series either using the same group of fabrics or the same pattern with different color palettes.  There will be sashing of a very light value and the cornerstones will be much darker.   There is an elegance with a neutral palette, I like more contrast in values with definite lights, mediums and darks.  I did this pattern years ago in earthy colors Hopscotch and Butterscotch and wondered how it would be in neutrals.  --Ann-- linking to Judy's DWM

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Ramona said...

I agree with you about there being an elegance with neutrals. This is going to be beautiful.