Friday, October 21, 2016

On the needles

The autumn blaze maples to the east of our house turn more red every day, one of these next days they are all going to fall into a glorious fun filled heap unless the wind scatters them in all directions.  Growing up we had to go to a state park to play in the leaves because our trees just weren't big enough to produce a fun filled heap.  The giggles as we threw the leaves into the air and flopped unto the piles.  The sound of crouching leaves always takes me back to my childhood.
I have made progress on my sweater but since I am working on a short cable it just looks like a dishrag, a very soft expensive dishrag maybe next week there will be a photo.  Just plain knitting on the socks, the dark is a Regia 4 ply yarn by Schachenmayr and the red, black and yellow is Schoeller and Stahl yarn both are super wash.  The color changes are too long to really show off the slip stitch pattern of the Geek socks thanks to Judy for the link a couple weeks ago.  Shorter color changes would echo the zigzag of the slipped stitches better.  I'm going to keep going on these and see what happens when I start increasing for the gusset and the heel. Happily knitting as I watch the leaves fall.  --Ann-- linking to Judy's OTN


Ramona said...

I hope our fall colors are pretty this year. Last year we went from green straight to brown. Your socks are coming along nicely. I especially like the first yarn.

Judy S. said...

Nice fall photos! You are so brave to do toe up socks!

Dar said...

Both pairs of socks look so nice. Maybe after I master this Magic Loop thing I may finally try the toe up method. I do like the look of your toes. Beautiful fall trees on your property. It looks like a well maintained park setting.