Monday, January 23, 2017

auditioning binding

 I have four possibilities for binding on this quilt, turn the camera to make the fabric narrow like binding and turn it again.  My first impulse was the upper left brown with the tiny pink flowers but looking at it in the photos I like the large floral on the lower left right below my first choice.
The weather has turned to ish here the sky is foggy grayish and the snow is slushy as it melts and recedes revealing squishy brownish greenish grass.  It feels like March here with the dirty tired looking snow.
Saturday darling daughter and I were sitting in the sun room when the family next door came out with their little boy to build a snow man.  I don't think the man grew up with snow because he was having a terrible time getting a snowball started.  The mom knew exactly what to do and was making her second big snow ball before he had anything stuck together. She was lifting it to carry it over to the first snowball, daughter and I were saying the second was bigger than the first so they should put the first snowball on top of the second anyway he took the snowball and plopped it on the first pretty much smashing the base but he patted and sculpted until it looked like snowman body as she rolled the head.  He wanted to do the honors and place the head but she turned as if to say remember how you put the first two together.  The little boy was just making tracks in the snow.  Then they picked up a box with a carrot and coal or black rocks and a hat. I suppose if all you ever buy is ready to eat petite carrots you wouldn't have a long carrot in your refrigerator fit for a snowman nose.  Daughter and I looked at each other a snowman kit!??! It even had little short sticks for arms that fit in the box and looked ridiculous so she broke some branches off the maple tree for arms. Then they took some pictures but missed the best shot because they were trying to get snow out of the patio door, their little boy bending over looking the snowman straight in his coal black eyes.  It was adorable.  Missing the days of making snowmen with my kids......they grew up and left home.  --Ann--


Vic in NH said...


Ramona said...

Great story! Who knew there are snowman kits! I like the large floral for your beautiful quilt, too.

Lori said...

We have plenty of wet snow here if anyone wants to make a snowman. A kit? Really? 😄. I like the floral too.