Thursday, February 2, 2017

playing with 9 patches

No groundhogs here but I did see a fox as I was drinking my coffee this morning.  Hubby saw it first, the fox was walking at a pretty good clip right through our backyard and there was no way I could get the camera in time and then to focus through the screen I might have gotten the tip of his tail.  We both saw a fox today what could that possibly mean?  a. The fox was hungry and he came to town to scavenge for food too bad for him its recycle pick up day.  b. We both still have pretty good eyesight.  c. He came to town to buy new boots. d. Only the fox knows (that's kinda like none of the above.)  Its still cold here with the possibility of more snow in the coming days.  Fox or groundhogs its another good day to quilt.
I still have 200 and some 9 patches leftover from the last quilt to play with and strips that I could make more.  Nine patch fever instead of cabin fever.   There are so many possibilities.  Hope you are staying warm and happy ground hogs day to you .  --Ann--


Lori said...

You can never have too many nine patches!

Ramona said...

I agree with Lori! Nine patches are one of my faves. Love your possibilities. Happy sewing!

Vic in NH said...

Fox! good show and tally ho, as we say here in New England.