Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New projects--Mostly in my head

Over the weekend I started cutting strips for another Log Cabin Fan quilt for my country school friend.  In the process of choosing fabrics I found a stack of 9 x 12 inch pieces left over from the snail trail quilts what could I do with those?  I set them aside and cut some more strips. I'm going to need a lot of strips and a lot of different fabrics because with a scrap quilt its more more more.  If I didn't have a lot of yardage of any particular fabric I cut it into 2 1/2, 1 1/2, 3, 3 1/2 or 4 inch strips whatever worked to cut it all.  The 4 inch strips go in the bag for another bow tie quilt.  The others who knows but they are ready for something.  I see the stack of blue fabrics and the stack of yellow fabrics and think I should make that quick curve quilt from those should I use the blue in the middle and the yellow for the arcs or the blue and yellow in the middle and a dark blue for the arcs or the light blue for the arcs????  I don't need to decide today.  Cut more strips.  Pull out some bags of scraps from previous quilts to see if there are any strips the right width.  Find another bunch of fabrics that would be perfect for Aunt Sukey's Choice.  That was a block I fell in love with a few decades ago before I started quilting and still haven't made it but I still love it. I flip through the book there's the  quilt with the equilateral triangle pinwheels, I want to make it again with the pastel plaids. Slap my hand so I don't start cutting the pastel plaids.  Rearrange stacks of fabrics in the closet. Pull out some more and cut more strips.  Look at the 9 patches on the design wall.  A fellow blogger sent a photo of a 9 patch with an appliqué block in the center.  Do I want a basket of flowers or a wreath of flowers?  Look through books with appliqué,  think maybe I should do a pieced block instead.  Look at books with star block variations.  Think about the math to make it fit right. Think about appliqué again the flowers should be stylized like the red fabric. Back to cutting strips. Find a Buggy Barn star pattern to fit my scraps, trace, iron, cut, begin sewing Buggy barn stars. Just another day of wandering in my sewing room. --Ann--

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