Monday, March 20, 2017

First day of Spring

Does anything say spring more cheerfully than a bouquet of daffodils?  It's still early for daffodils here, these came from the grocery store. I should have bought 3 more bundles.  Every single bud opened.  No excuses for not posting the last two weeks or is it closer to three.  Some days or weeks are just life and not blog worthy.  However I read through all last years posts to print into a book and there were so many little details that I had forgotten so maybe be I need to notice and make important the little things in life again.
Progress on this quilt top was very slow, there was a lot of variation in the finished star blocks and I didn't trim them to the smallest measurement  so rather than re cut every block I  made some adjustments like adding a strip to make my rows come out even. It's a scrap quilt!! whatever works to get it done and add it to the stack of quilt tops ready to baste. On to something more fun or interesting or more challenging. Looking forward to longer days --Ann--

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Ramona said...

I love your bright cheerful bunch of daffodils. Every spring I tell myself I'm going to plant more bulbs in the fall and then fall comes and I don't do it. Great scrappy star quilt! Love all of the plaids.