Friday, March 31, 2017

On the needles

Oh Happy Day here the sun is shining and streaming in my sunroom windows!  Is there anything that feels or tastes better than a strong cup of coffee on a sunny morning other than sitting outside in the warmth of the sunshine!?!  I'll have to wait a few more weeks before it's warm enough to sit outside in the morning.  Knitting these socks was like eating a bag of potato chips I couldn't stop.  And mixing the yarns together I  was like the kid filling his own glass of pop from the soda fountain for the first time and had to have a shot of everything. I exercised some restraint and left out all the dark yarns from guy socks, they will be knit into more guy socks. The first pair of pot luck or maybe casserole socks or hot dish socks or maybe just leftover socks are finished and I immediately started on another pair and they are knitting just as fast, this time I'm knitting a pattern p2, k4 for 5 rows then a knit row then move the p2 over 2 stitches so its k2, p2, k2 for 5 rows then knit a row and k4, p2 and repeat the sequence.  Someone asked me if i saved any yarn for darning socks.   I don't.  The socks I have given to my kids and others do not come with a service contract!  Just like my quilts I include care instructions but not a service contract.  Happily using up yarn and sitting in the sun.  --Ann--  Linking to Judy's OTN


Ramona said...

Such fun socks. I love your comment about not giving a service contract with your socks and quilts. Too funny!

maggie fellow said...

I love your socks. I made a pair of leftovers and loved every minute with all the surprises.

Dar said...

Those are fabulous socks!! Love all the bright colors. I agree they are addictive, but I prefer M&M peanuts over potato chips!!