Monday, July 17, 2017

Another 9 Patch

 Its always a struggle to pick fabrics and a pattern for the next quilt so in the decision making progress I pulled out some bags of scraps and leftovers and thought I don't have any boyish baby quilts in any of my stacks.  Low and behold here is a stack of 50 9 patches!  Not only 9 patches but also half square triangles were in the bag.  A quilt kit in a bag! Just for me!  The top pic shows how many pieces were in my kit.  I needed to sew a few more. Then to do some arranging,  I like to line things up, is it an obsessive compulsive thing or just me imagining a little boy with his toy trucks or horses following my lines, roads to him, around the quilt.
 This is the original quilt with 9 patches and half square triangles and how completely different the same components can look.  Back to the sewing room to decide on the next quilt  --Ann--


Ramona said...

You have been on a nine patch roll lately! I love them all, but really love the bottom layout. What a great design and color scheme for a boy baby quilt. Thank you for your input on my latest blog post. The blue is definitely the favorite!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Ann, this is positively lovely and inspiring! Well done!!

Ginney Camden said...

I love the layout and colors of your quilt.