Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer Reading

  1. The Agony and the Ecstacy by Irving Stone autobiographical novel about Michelangelo I read this book in college and re read it because this fall daughter and I are going to Italy.  I found it fascinating reading about how he researched his subjects before beginning and all the prep work that went into each piece.  I believe there was divine intervention guiding his hand as he carved and painted.
  2. Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives  by Tom Harford non fiction
  3. Oil and Marble by Stephanie Storey fiction about Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo
  4. Whisper My Secret A Memoir by JB Rowley a daughter's search to learn more about her mother's early life in Australia.
  5. Mother of Ten by JB Rowley a continuation of the story 
  6. Everything we Keep by Kerry Lonsdale a love story and about letting go.
  7. Safe at the Edge of the World by Jean Grainger the sequel to The Tour.
  8. Sugar, Salt, Fat by Michael Moss non fiction about the food industry and what they have done to food and how they get us to buy it.  I don't have to buy it and I don't have to eat it!
  9. My Funny Valentine by Debbie Macomber  romantic fluff just for fun
  10. My Hero by  Debbie  Macomber 
  11. The Letter by Kathryn Hughes  a young woman's quest to deliver a letter that she found in a coat pocket in a thrift store.  The letter was written the day the British Empire entered WW2.
  12. So Much Owed by Jean Grainger WW2 story that takes place in Ireland.  I think this is her best book so far!

I got a message on my kindle the other day that congratulated me on reading 7 books.  Huh!  I think it should have congratulated me on purchasing 7 books.  It doesn't keep track of all the k books I get from the library.  My reading lists are at 34 so far this year.  Can I do 52? that would be a book a week.  I ordered a paperwhite the other day because they were on sale.  Hubby thought it was a screen cover to go over my kindle.  No its a new device with a non glare screen so I can read outside in the sunlight or in the shade and it is so light weight.  I even got a pop socket to hold it.  Its the handiest little gadget to stick on your phone or e reader especially if your hands have a tendency to cramp like mine do.  I can read one device until the battery goes dead then I can pick up the other while the battery recharges.  Its so nice to have a back up. I heard the cicadas sing when I went for a walk the other evening that means summer is half gone.  Happy reading --Ann--

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