Wednesday, July 12, 2017

By the numbers

On a cold and snowy day back in January I started sewing 9 patches 394 to be exact.  I cut 1 3/4 inch wide strips from 44 different fabrics for the 9 ps.
Quilt # 1) I was choosy and used 105 9 ps, the blues didn't make the cut.  I used the same light fabrics for the alternating squares and the sashing.  
Quilt  # 2) I used 100 9 ps and most of the blue 9 ps plus introduced 5 or 6 new dark fabrics.
Quilt # 3) I used 52 9 ps,  the background fabrics were leftover from quilt #1, the stars were made from the darks of quilt # 2 then I added the dark red and black but ran out of each so had to find something suitable from the stash.
Quilt # 4) 130 9 ps and leftovers from previous 3 quilts and a couple more odd bits because they worked and were needed.
There are probably 60 different fabrics in these 4 quilts.  I wish I had kept track of the yardage used but looking at my stash I didn't make much of a dent.   Only 7 nine patches left!  And a short stack of 1 3/4 inch strips.  I might use them in a log cabin quilt but for now they are going back in the closet.  They need to make new friends for the next quilt.  Happily working from my stash --Ann--


Ramona said...

They are all GORGEOUS!! I think I like the last one best. I love the triangle blocks with the nine patches. It really makes it look three dimensional. Nicely done!!

Lori said...

All the quilts are lovely. 9 patches give quilts a friendly feel. I've lved watching you design them.