Tuesday, August 13, 2019


I don't think there is anything that says August better than sunflowers except maybe sweet corn.


I pulled weeds and trim the iris at Mc Crory Gardens this morning, I got there early so I could look at the flowers and left a trail of foot prints across the dew covered grass.  The sunflowers were spectacular its fun to see what the seed people have done to change the color of the blossoms.  I still like the bright yellow best.   The upper left blossom just looks anemic with the pale yellow and rust.  The lower right flower is brighter in the photo than it was in person.  I always thought the short wild sunflowers were like a class of second graders with their faces looking every direction.  I hope you are enjoying August its slipping away too fast for me.  --Ann--

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Ramona said...

Thanks for your beautiful photos! I love sunflowers and can't grow them in my garden. It's like a candy store for the deer. The only bad thing about seeing sunflowers is knowing that summer is almost over.