Monday, March 18, 2013

design wall

Blocks are finished. Step back access the distribution of the reds. Rearrange the reds. Scrutinize the placement of various prints and plaids, if there are three of the same too close together move a couple.  Start choosing fabrics for the next quilt. Get a cup of coffee and consider more possibilities for rearranging the blocks. Machine quilt for a while, glance up at design wall, jump up move a few blocks. Reheat coffee. Finish details on another coil basket, list on etsy. Realize that moving a block from here to there creates a new problem there.  Decide there will be two or three of the same fabrics in adjacent blocks and for anyone else looking at it on a bed at an angle it doesn't matter that there are two of the same fabrics next to each other. Go to computer to see whats happening at Judy's on the design wall. Get to work on the borders. --Ann--


Becky said...

Ir's beautiful. Stop rearranging and start stitching. I love your stars as well. Busy, busy girl! Thanks for taking time to post and give us an update.

Rhonda said...

Love the combination of log cabin and grandmother's fan!!

Frances Leate said...

Its wonderful to know that other people work like me. I can agonise for days over layout but isn't it lots of fun. Take care.