Friday, November 15, 2013

Off the needles

Big finish last night!!!socks for son with the big calves are done!!! I have to crow about him for just a minute here. Tuesday I drove to Brookings for the dedication of the Veterans Resource Center at SDSU, he was instrumental in it becoming a reality when he was a student. He was asked to speak and surprise he got to cut the ribbon. When he was
 President of the Veterans club he
and attended a conference and came to the conclusion that a Veterans Resource Center was needed at SDSU and all state supported institutions of higher education in the state.  So he wrote legislation based on neighboring states, found some supporters in the legislature, presented it to the education committee where it passed, then to the house where it passed, then to the senate where it failed because every department  was asked to cut their budget by 10% and no new money was available, the wording was also changed from "shall to may" opening it up for the institution to find funding for the center. Then my son graduated. With the guidance of the faculty adviser the project continued and they now have a room.

 It is a wonderful room with leather chairs and sofas and tables for veterans to gather and study together. The big goal is for more veterans to graduate from college. Currently a very small percentage graduates because college is not the military, it is not high school and these young men and women do not fit in the dorms with the traditional incoming freshmen. It is a tough adjustment and hard to make friends and find a support group in the mass lectures of freshman and sophomore level classes.  A little more about him here  and I did crow for the whole post  I am so proud of him.  --Ann--    linking to Judy's on the needles


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

What a wonderful, wonderful thing to have for the Veteran's. Cheers for your son for presenting the idea in so many places and not giving up when it didn't always go as hoped. The end result is great! Brag away because it is well worth listening to. Cheers! Evelyn

Judy S. said...

Well worth the crowing!!! Nice socks, too.

Kathleen said...

What parent wouldn't be proud of a son like yours! I've just the read the other post too. I love the quilt you made for him. It's a beauty.

Jackie said...

I'm sure the Veterans much appreciate what your son has done! I can see why they wouldn't fit in with the "regular" college student regardless of their age. Bravo to your son!

Judy D in AZ said...

Our veteran's need and deserve better then they are getting from us now. What a great program you son has created. It appears he was well raised. Thanks for sharing