Wednesday, November 20, 2013

out of the cupboard

 I found this quilt at my Dad's, it was in an old hat box or maybe it was a cheese box,  which might be the topic of another post.  I look at it and sometimes I see red T's with yellow squares in the middle, other times I see delectable mountains or a variation of the bear paw with a red square in the middle and sometimes when I blink I see yellow geese on a wild goose chase. 
And then I saw the stitching in one block, the quilt was made for my mother by her great-grandmother which would make her my Grandpa's grandma or third great grandmother to my children, six generations back. She was 80 years old when she made it and I have no idea what her name was.
The blocks were hand pieced but it was machine quilted in a large grid.  There is no batting in it and the backing is a heavy purple fabric, I wonder if it was a skirt or drapes in an earlier life. 80 years back from 1929...she was born in 1849 so it could have been a skirt from the civil war era up until the ladies shortened their skirts in the 1920's. and it looks like the quilt top was trimmed to fit the backing there must not have been any quilt police back then. Wondering about my ancestors.........--Ann--

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