Sunday, December 22, 2013


I treated myself to a couple books both by Fannie Flagg. Her books are all so uplifting. The first  The Redbird Christmas was about a guy from Chicago who moves to Alabama for his health the busy bodies of a very small town are a new experience for him but he also learns that people in a small town really do care, the twists and turns of the story are all part of the fun. Then I read  The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion I couldn't put it down it had short chapters so of course there was time to read just one more then one more until I was done. Its about a proper southern lady and her proper but crazy mother and the daughters of a Polish family from Wisconsin who were stunt pilots then flew during WW II.  Fannie Flagg brought a chunk of neglected history to life in a delightful story.  I saw a quote that said Take a break from Reality, Read. --Ann--


Kathleen said...

I've just put the two books you've mentioned on my to read list. I've still never read Fried Green Tomatoes and it's been sitting in my Kindle for a while now.

I love all your vintage Christmas ornaments and your hand carved Father Christmases are wonderful!

I hope you have a lovely Christmas, best wishes,

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I love Flannie Flagg so much and keep buying the books - and then giving them to friends to read, who then give them to friends... etc. We are big on book-swapping. I need to buy a set to keep on my own bookcase. I just love how she writes. My mother always had birds on the tree - probably horrible feathered little things, but I remember them in a more glorified way! Now I buy hand-carved birds (and others) for my own tree and those of my siblings. Our favorites are the cardinals, bluejays and chickadees! Cheers! Evelyn