Monday, December 9, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Nothing has changed on my design wall since a couple weeks ago, I'm still basking in the afterglow of finishing sewing all the curves of  After Image. I typically don't sew much after Thanksgiving until after the New Year. Its time to slow down and enjoy the season.
 We had more snow over the weekend it came down like sifted sugar. And really cold temps, it didn't get above 0 F a couple days. Brrrrr  And I have son's dog again so I had to bundle up to take her for a walk a couple times a day. Just short walks to get the necessary done. I found a pair of snow pants don't know if they belonged to one of the boys or I bought them for daughter or me but they are a medium in mens. Did you know that girls and womens snowpants have a lot less insulation than boys and mens??!! Which is why I would have bought them.   Anyway I put the snow pants on and can get it zipped  and after adjusting the straps I can breath and I don't feel as crushed and I'm not that big on top. There was a magical age when my years equaled my bra size. So I put on my down filled coat, scarf and hat then to put my snow boots on.....just try and bend over or sit down to lift my foot high enough to get my boot on let alone tie it. In the end it was easier to put on my winter clogs and stay on the path. They are fine walking in  less than 2 inches of snow. Mittens on and hood up, I'm feeling  guilty getting all bundled up to go out when the poor dog is going out in her pajamas. But she takes to the snow like a yellow lab in winter. Oh that's what she is. No need for me to feel guilty just glad we didn't have freezing rain if I fell I would never be able to get up. More tatted snowflakes tomorrow. Check out the design walls at Patchworktimes.  Hope you are staying warm. --Ann--


~Kris~ said...

Your little snowflake is so sweet. I am so glad that there are people keeping tatting alive. It is so pretty and delicate. Glad you are enjoying your days.

Rebecca Grace said...

Ann, I never thought about that but I am not surprised (about the snow pants). I was flipping through a VERY silly ski clothing catalog that came in the mail recently and wondering how those models managed to still look skinny and glamorous in their parkas and snow pants -- well, naturally they look skinnier if there is less down filling. But they are freezing their skinny little butts off! ;-)