Tuesday, December 10, 2013

tatted snowflakes

The tree is trimmed, the, house is decorated all the clutter ends up in my sewing room so now the baking begins and I am cutting back this year. At least I keep telling myself I will.  Today I'm sharing my tatted snowflakes. A few years ago when I was still a newly wed my Grandmother gave me a pair of pillowcases with a tatted edge. I was intrigued by how the edging was made so Gramma showed me then handed me a shuttle to teach me. It is one little knot on a loop sometimes with a little loop to make a picot. The trick is flicking the knot from one string to the other so that the series of knots slides on the loop. I made all these at least 30 years ago I can't remember if I could make one in an evening or if it took 2 evenings to make one snowflake depending on how complicated it was. Then they were starched and pinned straightening out each little picot.
I used to hang them on the Christmas tree with snowmen and white lights. I haven't done the snowman tree for a long time most of the playdough snowmen have broken or turned brown with age.
The biggest are about 3 inches across and the smallest 1 and a half inches. The things I did before children. May all your snowflakes be made of cotton string.--Ann--


Brigitte said...

Ann, I'm so impressed by all your beautifully tatted snowflakes. And I love them lying on the blue fabric. A great picture.

Raewyn said...

These reallly are gorgeous. ANd I love the photo of them on the blue background too. I taught myself to tat when I was about 20.... had a little runner I decided would be good for Mum for Christmas that year -- she still hasn't received it! When I picked up a shuttle a little while ago, I couldn't work out what I was doing!