Wednesday, May 21, 2014

next quilt

I pinned the beach ball quilt yesterday so my design wall is bare. The bare wall is soooo bare! Time to start another quilt so first I look at my stash of fabrics what should I use???? The last quilt was easy the beach balls fell out of the stack of bright fabrics. Two big decisions had already been made for that quilt the block and the colors all I had to do was figure out how to put it together. I'm starting with a clean slate here I can make anything I want ..........What fabric should I use??? Then I look at my favorite books maybe I'll get a great idea then I think about the fabrics I could use I get a short lived idea then look at another book OH that's right I was going to use those fabrics for this quilt but I don't feel like starting it today. Then I look through my stack of magazines that have pages marked and pages folded inside other magazines....... that has hand applique I don't feel like doing hand applique. Then I go to my file cabinet in search of a folder of quilt patterns and ideas I have pulled out of old magazines. Some I wonder why I saved that particular pattern others I wish I had the whole issue. I get lots of inspiration from my old magazines unfortunately I have purged my collection each time we have moved. I miss the design challenge articles from  Quilting Today, Traditional Quiltsworks and Miniature Quilts, sadly they are no longer publishing those magazines. Now I have too many ideas to choose from and then what fabrics should I use? Maybe tomorrow I'll figure it out.--Ann--


Lesley said...

I love starting a new quilt, but like you, I have so many pages turned, it is often difficult to make a decision. I will look forward to seeing what you decide to make...looks like a lot of inspiration in that stack of books!

Judy S. said...

Wondering what you'll choose.... BTW, I love that bird photo!