Tuesday, February 24, 2015

reading list

  1. The All Girl Filling Station Reunion by Fannie Flagg again, this time for book club. I enjoyed it as much the second time.
  2. Yours and Mine by Debbie Macomber
  3. Make Quilts not War by Arlene Sachitano the story would be so much shorter if the  characters didn't spend so much time making tea and coffee then having a cookie. They have tea or coffee in every chapter.
  4. Inferno by Dan Brown  he never disappoints
  5. Dewey by Vicki Myron about a cat that lived at the library
  6. David and Goliliath by Malcolm Gladwell audio non fiction
  7. The Walking People by Mary Beth Keane
I'm on my way, one of these books is the setting of where I am going to spend the rest of the week.
Where did these books take place?  Some books take place in more than one setting,  two books are set in the same area and one book doesn't really have a setting.
Alabama            New York          California                 Washington state           Ireland
Florence, Italy                Spencer, Iowa       Texas        Wisconsin          Istanbul, Turkey

How do you pack your bag?  The night before? or does it take all week?
It usually takes me all week, I wash all the clothes I might want to take after I have ordered some new clothes, and checked the weather of my destination. It is good to be prepared, then I try all my garments on again and mix and match all the possible outfits, then I hang them together in the closet so I won't forget anything.  All week long I am adding or subtracting items as my fashion whims change with the weather forecast.  The day before I lay out my first days travel clothes then fold everything and make neat little stacks of like items and slide everything into zip lock bags and sit on each to get all the air out. I just hate having  airport security handling my clothes. It's amazing how much stuff one can stuff in a suitcase if there is no air between things. I clean and polish my shoes a couple days before then fill them with toiletries and other stuff that fits nicely in shoes and so my shoes aren't crushed. Then I see if I can lift my bags if not I better let some air back in.  Seizing the day and I'm off--Ann--


Judy S. said...

Have a wonderful trip!

straythreads said...

The All Girl... Alabama, Wisconsin, Texas, California. Yours & Mine and Make quilts.... Wash state
Dewey-- Spencer Iowa, The Walking People-- Ireland & New York. Inferno Florence Italy and Istanbul Turkey.