Monday, September 21, 2015

Challenge Quilt Out of the Cupboard

Out of the cupboard  I called this quilt Harvest Baskets made in 1997.  Quilt guild had a challenge quilt every year using a selected fabric. The selected fabric was the leaf fabric in the center of this cake stand block. There were no other rules with this challenge, we could make whatever we liked in any size, you just had to use the leaf fabric.  I had a hard time getting excited about it as did a lot of the ladies in quilt guild.

 I like some of the cake stand blocks but not all of them. They are too busy, I was still learning a lot about combining color, pattern and texture when I made this scrap quilt.  I used all scraps for the borders and I even mixed batiks with traditional prints because I was not going to buy any fabric for this quilt.  I should have fussy cut the leaves for the cornerstones and used the challenge fabric in only cornerstones.  I have never liked the cake stand blocks with the leaf fabric.
 I had more fun machine quilting this than piecing it.  Even the machine quilting is busy, I randomly  free motion quilted leaves and acorns and did not use continuous line stitching.  I must have been trimming threads for days.  The cake stands are stitched in the ditch.

 And even a couple squirrels.  Challenge quilts are for learning then tossing in the car for a fall picnic.  
It's cozy on crisp fall evenings.  --Ann--

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Ramona said...

Your quilting is great! It is a busy quilt, but the fabrics are beautiful.