Thursday, September 17, 2015

Log Cabin Fan quilting

This is the other quilt I basted the other day.  It takes as much time to set up the frame as it does to layer the quilt, since this is a queen size I had to work in the garage, hubby blew the dirt off the floor then went fishing, I hauled chairs out, set up a patio table in the center to keep it off the floor, haul the frame out, set things up, squared the frame, pin the backing, spread the batting then the quit top.............. then put everything away all in my own pokey way or maybe my easily sidetracked way.  I always try to baste a couple at the same time.  This one has a deadline so I started quilting it first.  The center is quilted like a big dahlia, the dark round of log cabin blocks is parallel lines with a variegated pink thread.  The goal is to machine quilt the next round of background today. This is slower going because I am using rulers and templates.  Happy quilting.  --Ann--

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Lydia Baker said...

Hi Ann! What is the name of this pattern and where can I purchase it??