Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Documenting Quilts part 2

       Why do I do all this I ask myself, my kids will probably chuck it all into the dumpster when I'm gone.  I hope they pause and realize how much I loved sewing and quilting and color and design.  I hope they keep the pages of the quilts that each of them owns and are astounded by how many quilts I have made.  How many quilts have I made?  The answer to that tomorrow.
       My documentation has evolved over the years from a form to a summary with more and more photos.  Sometimes I look through to find a particular pattern to see how I quilted it.  Sometimes I need inspiration for a quick quilt for someone or I have handed my books over to someone special if I was planning to make a throw size quilt for a wedding gift.  It is more likely to be used if it is colors that she likes. 

        I make a folio with quilt care and a little information about the quilt when I  give a quilt to someone or sell a quilt because I want the recipient to know that the quilt is washable and is meant to be used. Quilts that are not used do not have memories and quilts need memories to become treasures, treasures become heirlooms.  I usually make a second copy of the folio and call it good for documenting that quilt.  I  write on the folio who the quilt was given to or who purchased it and the price, date and location of the recipient.  

       I usually include the names of specific tools that were used for a particular block if I ever want to make a similar quilt.  If there are things that I would do differently I make a note of that also.

       In recent years I have signed my name in machine stitching on my quilts with the year it was completed. It takes a little practice to write with the needle and sometimes I incorporate it into a border design other times it looks more like an afterthought.   I don't always label quilts when I finish because I like to make a personalized label if I give that quilt to someone or sell it.  I write the bride and grooms names, wedding date, or the baby's name and birthdate,  the name of the quilt, my name, and my location.  And if is for a niece or nephew on hubbies side of the family financed by Uncle Bill.  You have no idea what that has meant to them.     

    My quilts, my life, my history.  --Ann--

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