Thursday, October 1, 2015

Its my birthday

My zinnias and calendulas are still blooming strong, I should have picked a bouquet the day I took these pics because the wind came and is forever blowing away the summer.

       Birthday reflection: how many quilts have I sewn since I started quilting at 30 something? Oh  wait I can look back at my quilt documentation.........I was 31. I took my first quilt class on October 12, 1987,  Columbus Day or whatever the state is calling that day now.  Oh thats good documentation.  I have been quilting for almost half my life is that possible!??!  I have completed 264 quilts.  I think I have 15 in various stages of incomplete.  That seems like a lot but a couple are baggage that I really need to let them go.  There are five ready to be machine quilted and two in need of hand quilting because I started hand quilting,  I have to finish hand quilting them.  There are two or three quilt tops in need of borders or appliqué, there are a couple stacks of blocks or parts of blocks that might be considered baggage.  When I break it down like that it doesn't seem like that many.  However,  there may be a couple more hiding in my stash.  
       I have 3 knitting projects on the needles,  that is reasonable.  I have books by my favorite chair.   I can pick up a project for whatever mood I am in or to suit my attention span at a particular moment.  
       It has been a great year.  Hubby and I have traveled, he has retired we are still learning the new normal, he is learning to love leftovers.  I'm learning to put things in the dishwasher after every meal unless he beats me to it.  I used to leave things in the sink and deal with them when I was starting the next meal, by then things were soaked and slide right off the dish.  He's eating left overs,  I'm improving my habits.  Those are big changes for each of us.  Celebrating the little things in life because life is good! --Ann--


Raewyn said...

Happy Birthday Ann - hope you have a fabulous day!!

Vic in NH said...

Happy Birthday! You have such a great upbeat attitude to all the recent changes in your life, kudos to you!

Ramona said...

Happy Belated Birthday! My husband is considering retirement and adjustments will need to be made... for both of us! Thank you for sharing your quilt documentation technique in your previous posts. I need to get better at this! Have a great weekend.