Friday, October 2, 2015

Off the Needles

       I finished this the other day and just in time too, it is chilly out this morning.  Its time to wear long pants and wool socks and try to put off starting the furnace for another week or so if possible.  
        I had a lovely day yesterday for my birthday,  an unplanned trip to have lunch with daughter and retrieve my car after a week in the shop to find and fix an oil leak.  The drive in the loaner car was long and annoying; these new cars with all their safety features and too many  buttons!  I needed a lesson in buttons before hitting the road.  Every time I got too close to the center line it bee bee beeped and I didn't know what was making the beep, was it my phone? was it an engine warning? and it didn't just beep once it had to beep twice.  I finally figured it out there was a thumbnail sized rear view of a car between two dotted lines on the dash and if you got too close to either line it beeped and if you passed a car with out using your turn indicator it beeped some more.  I couldn't figure out how to set the cruise control or even where it was so I drove all the way and sometimes too fast.  Its easy to go fast on long straight flat roads with little traffic and no cruise control.  DD and I had a leisurely lunch, did a little shopping  and I came home.  It was a lovely drive home with no beeps.   The leaves of the ash trees are turning yellow, the ginnala maples were bright red, and the harvest is in full swing.  There were combines with banners of dust in all the fields.  Hubby has been helping a farmer by driving his grain cart I  wondered if the tractor he was driving was as big as those I was seeing in the fields.  Hubby came home early and took me out for supper,  all I had to do was put my breakfast dishes in the dishwasher.   --Ann--   Linking to Judy's OTN


Suzanne said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday, once you got your own car back!

Ramona said...

Driving new cars is a challenge! Your shawl is gorgeous! I'm not ready for cool weather though!

Dar said...

Happy belated birthday. It sounds like you had a good day, even though that loaner car made you a bit crazy. That is the way the new smart phones are to me when you are forced to buy one before you are ready for it. I dropped and broke my first smart phone that I had for 4+ years and was finally getting to know everything about it. Now I have to start over with this new generation one. ugh.

Your sweater is beautiful. It will feel so warm and wonderful when you wrap up in it. We are getting cool weather too - 50's and 60's here--definitely long pants, jackets and warm hand knitted socks!!

Judy S. said...

Love the shawl! Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a nice day.