Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Documenting Quilts part 1

The week before last when hubby was off fishing  I updated my photo book of quilts.   I had papers and photos all over the living room floor; no one was there to complain about the piles so I could work at my leisure.

A few years after I started quilting I heard a speaker talk about the importance of documenting our quilts so I started a list on my computer the one that had the make it fit button, I was very diligent in keeping the list it included when I started a quilt, working title of the quilt, special information about the quilt and even family and news worthy events and when I finished the quilt.  The last time it was updated and printed there were 150 + listed.  I even made my own form based on one the speaker had given us.  

 I was becoming a whiz on the computer, I had a file full of quilt documents.  Then that computer died and I got behind on my documenting.  A few years ago I put all my pages in photo books and was caught up then I let it slide again or maybe that was when I started blogging but I had a stack of quilt photos that were not in the books.  

  I have simplified my documentation so that I am just writing a short summary of each quilt.  My list has been very helpful in determining when I started a quilt.  I should start a new list........more tomorrow on documenting quilts.  --Ann--

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