Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One thing

 I woke up early yesterday morning because it was light out with the promise of a beautiful day.  The time change does that to me even though I stayed up too late reading the night before.  The day started out with the usual non blog worthy chores then I went to my sewing room and studied the design wall and the mess on the work table.  I was in and out of the room several times and still didn't do anything.  Too many projects in too many stages of not done.  Ever have days like that?  I thought to myself I have to complete one thing today,  just one thing so I sat in my chair to ponder the one thing I wanted to accomplish.  Just one thing it had to be worthy of the day, I  could finish knitting the slipper but I should save that for NCIS in the evening,  I could finish the reading mitts, save that for after the slipper.  I sat and the next thought was I could use a nap.  Just a little nap,  I heard the clock chime a quarter past, then half past, then a quarter to, and then the hour.  The nap didn't count as the one thing.  I ate a late lunch on the patio, it was a gorgeous day here on the prairie.  Then I made a cup of coffee so I could sit outside a little longer,  it was a gloriously beautiful day on the prairie.  Drinking a cup of coffee didn't count as the one thing even if it was on the patio in November and I might get sunburned with my fair Irish skin. So I went to my sewing room and arranged all the border block parts for the bow tie quilt.  The one thing!  That accomplished I walked downtown to get a prescription for hubby dear.  It was a gorgeous day.  Then I repotted my lettuce leaf begonias, that little item on my list was becoming a nag project but now its done and I could do it outside in the sunshine of the spectacular sunny warm day in November on the prairie.  Then I picked the last of my tomatoes, they were too green when I dug the potatoes on Monday. Its a wonder what a little sunshine will do. Then I picked the nicest of the calendula blossoms.  I did my one thing and a couple more it was a great day to be on the prairie.  --Ann--


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Yes I sometimes find the courage to visit some of my unfinished projects. Am trying to find the mojo to complete at least two maybe three before year end

Vic in NH said...

It sounds like you enjoyed a lovely day on the prairie and got your JOT accomplished, too! Best to soak up this sunshine while it is available. In the meantime, thank you for sharing the pretty pictures!