Friday, November 6, 2015

On the needles

 Lots has been completed on the needles in the last 2 weeks.  The legs of son-with-the-skinny-calves' socks have been re knit with a 2 by 2 ribbing. All socks for him in the future will be plain vanilla knitting with a 2 X 2 ribbing.
Reading mitts have been finished DD took the bright colored pair so I didn't get a photo.
A good start on socks for someone's Christmas sock.

These slippers  duffers click are so much fun to knit.  I made a pair for myself to see how they fit and felted and they are my new favorite and didn't take long to knit.
 Happy feet! Happy knitting and linking to Judy's On the Needles. --Ann--


Suzanne said... have been a Super Duper knitter finishing all those projects. I really like the felted slippers.

Ramona said...

Your slippers are so cute! I don't think I'll need those today since it's 80 degrees out, but the cold weather will be here soon. I'm amazed at how quickly you knit. Such lovely finishes. Yay!