Thursday, November 19, 2015

Machine Quilting

Some time well spent in the sewing room and a good start on machine quilting second son's quilt for his big bed.  I'm just quilting in each design element and keeping it simple I want the quilting to enhance the piecing.   I was looking back for a post with the completed quilt top and I didn't find one so here it is.

Our sunny warm days have come to an end here.  I wore my peddle pushers on Sunday afternoon and soaked up some vitamin D while I sipped my coffee and wondered if it was the last warm day of fall as I have on several other perfect days. I believe Sunday was.  The last couple days have been overcast and windy, very windy, good days for sewing and knitting and reading.  --Ann--

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Judy S. said...

It's been really windy here, too. What a great quilt. I bet your son will really love it.