Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Machine quilting

Thunderstorms rolled across the prairie one day last week.  They were more like spring storms than late fall.  I looked to the northwest and it was dark, I looked straight west and there was blue sky,  I looked southwest and it was very dark, it was very clear to the east and to the southeast there was a partial rainbow.  I don't believe I have ever seen a rainbow in November.  It was a good day to quilt.

This quilt has been sitting by the machine for weeks.  I needed a change of pace and I can glance at what is on the design wall while I quilt then jump up and rearrange blocks.  I mostly needed to empty some bobbins so I can machine quilt another quilt that I need to finish before Christmas.  The last quilt show I went to I was really looking at the quilting on the quilts.  The quilting whether by hand or machine can enhance the piecing of a quilt and really say WOW or it can say its quilted and its done.  I'm using my templates and rulers for smooth curves and straight lines so it is very slow going.  I'm trying very hard to do more than my favorite  click , click, click  concentric tear drop free motion quilting that I can empty a bobbin in less than 30 minutes.  I'm spending hours trying to empty the bobbins.  Another change of weather here, its a good day to stay in and quilt.  --Ann--

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Raewyn said...

It does sound like perfect weather for quilting! I love how you are quilting this....good luck with using up all your bobbins!