Wednesday, January 6, 2016

In a Fog

Can you see it?  I am in a fog here, it is so foggy outside I can't see the buildings a block away or the grain bins.  In a Fog is what I am calling this quilt.  I saw a neutral/white on white quilt in a catalog and after studying it I determined it was a Jacob's ladder block and a 16 patch.  Easy enough I don't need to buy the pattern or the bundle of fabrics because I have several bundles and stacks of background/white on white/neutral fabric in the stash and it really is fun to use the stash.  The top photo was snapped when the sun was shinning a couple days ago.   I like the subtle elegance of these fabrics when used together, they have given me ideas for other blocks using more of the background fabrics. Happy quilting--Ann--


Gayle said...

This one's really different for you, but I quite like it. Very calming to look at! And you chose the perfect name for it!

Judy S. said...

Very interesting ! It was foggy here yesterday and icy in spots as well. Today is warmer but still cloudy. What are you going to put on the back of your newest quilt? Your beautiful quilting will be a real highlight on this one.