Monday, January 18, 2016

More Fog

More fog both inside and out today.  When I started cutting strips for In a Fog I cut strips for a couple more neutral quilts because why not cut up all those bundles of 12 inch widths for more quilts and work in a series. It makes me feel like an artist. I added some darker neutrals to this because I needed some contrast in value.  So far I have been pretty random about placing the blocks but when I get all 80 sewn plus some extras I will arrange things by value and try to direct how your eye will travel around the quilt.  I'm much more excited about this quilt than the first neutral.  What did I learn on the first neutral needs more contrast in lights and darks.  Thats why it is fun to work in a series. By the way this block is called Northwind.   Linking to Patchworktimes Design Wall Monday.  --Ann-- 

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Kat said...

Looking lovely! I love neutral quilts.