Monday, January 11, 2016

Machine Quilting

It was a great weekend to machine quilt here on the snow covered prairie.  It was cold outside, really cold.   I have been stitching arcs in and around the stars, lengthwise stitches in the dark steps and diagonal rings in the light steps and star background.  I used a dark thread on the dark sections and light thread on the light.  Only a couple more sections to quilt and then the borders.  It is warmer today with a dusting of fresh snow.  Might be a good day to finish this quilt. --Ann--

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Vic in NH said...

Really wonderful photos showing the quilting and the marvelous fabrics, thank you! I truly am inspired by the fifty-four forty or fight blocks with the courthouse steps in a great combination. It looks like it's gonna be a big quilt, too, my favorite!