Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ann's Spot

 This house has a sun room that faces north.  It has east windows and west windows and of course north windows.  I cleared the boxes out over the weekend and tested this arrangement.  I am still waiting for blinds to be installed.  When that is done I will clear everything out and lay down a thin carpet padding and sew these rag rug strips together into a carpet.  My mother was a weaver and always wanted to weave some rugs long enough to use as a carpet.  The house I was living in 30 years ago had hard wood floors in the bedrooms that were not all that pretty so she wove these strips for me and I sewed them together and they were wonderful.  Then we moved and I ripped out the stitching and rolled them up and moved them a couple times.  Now they are out for a good stretch and get to relax in my sun room for many years to come. 

This will be Ann's spot for breakfast and morning coffee, still drinking green tea, and knitting and reading and drinking afternoon coffee and sewing and knitting and reading on football days and football nights, and even on no football days, and watching the seasons change and the leaves fall and blow and drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow fall and blow and enjoying my pretty dishes.  Cheers!  --Ann--


Ramona said...

How beautiful! It looks like a spot that will bring you much peace and calm and inspiration. And how nice to have some of your mother's handiwork with you, too.

Vic in NH said...

Such a gracious space! I love you Mom's woven rugs, too.