Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Grandmothers flower garden and organizing

       This was my first project after our very first move 30 some years ago.  It was our first move away from our home town, I was 20 something married and only knew a couple people in our new town.  Hubby had to go to a business meeting for a couple days and I needed something to do.  I got out my fabric scraps which fit in a shoe box no kidding a shoe box filled with cotton scraps, I knew I was going to be a quilter someday.  I made a cushion for my rocking chair from velveteen then I started this pillow of grandmothers flower garden,  I hand pieced the hexagons then hand quilted it.  I kinda remember trying to machine piece it but gave up and found I could hand stitch faster and easier than trying to maneuver it under the machine.
      The sewing room is a work in progress and there will be no photos until it is done because photos of messes are for insurance claims.  Unpacking the fabric was the easy part.  I can't put books on the book shelf until I deal with the 6 big boxes that are sitting where I want to put the book case, I won't have room on the shelves in the closet  for those things until I move the boxes of books. I can't unpack the sweet 16 machine until I clear off the table where it will sit, I have to find a spot for those things.  Its an overwhelming and all encompassing process.  Right now there are stacks of quilts on every piece of furniture in the family room and the guest room because small quilts were a good way to top off the boxes.  Each quilt needs to be refolded and stacked somewhere. Then there are the art supplies that are on the table and the floor and on top of the stacks of quilts which need their own special place. And I'm doing all this without the benefit of coffee.  Eight more days of no coffee!  The instructions on the antibiotics I'm taking say drink lots of non-caffinated liquids.  So I have resorted to drinking green tea and herbal teas which taste like dust to me for just enough caffeine to keep away the headaches.  I really miss my strong cuppa joe in the morning and the afternoon.  Counting the days until I can get a caffeine buzz.  Which will come first sitting down to sew or coffee?? --Ann--


Joyful Quilter said...

No coffee?? Horrors...really that is horrible...I can't even imagine it...don't want to imagine it. I'll have an extra cup in your name tomorrow. ;o)

Good luck with the unpacking.

Ramona said...

A shoe box of scraps? And they looked great together. I'm not a coffee drinker but do get my caffeine from tea. I'm impressed that you are unpacking and organizing on a non-caffeinated brain! And I tea does taste like dust!