Friday, September 30, 2016

On and Off the Needles

I made five of the little toddler caps with bulky yarn and now all my bulky yarn is gone.  I ripped the socks last week because I didn't like the stitch pattern I was using on the stripes.  I like this better 2 rows of k2, p2 and 2 rows of k and repeat for a waffle stripe.  On the hide and seek side of my life with unpacking and organizing the house I have found my SD cards in my camera bag which was on top of the chest of drawers in the bedroom. I knew I had seen it somewhere.  And I finally found the rabbit finial for the table lamp.  That was in the little bag from the shop and tucked in the little chest of drawers that my Swedish great great grandfather made.  All treasures have been found until I think of something else that I need right now and it isn't where it used to be.
Tomorrow is my birthday, it ends with a zero.  No profound thoughts or refections for another decade.  I've have been to my favorite countries that start with the letter I and have no desire to go to the other I countries.  I'm still not taking any prescription meds and my favorite eye wear is still drugstore reading glasses,  my distance corrections is so minimal that why bother.  I have lost a couple more pounds than half my age.  When I wear my old jeans I feel like someone else's legs are walking around in my pants.  The new mantra since moving has been I can't break it if I don't use it,  I still haven't broken any of my pretty dishes but I am enjoying using them.  Another mantra for my life would be make the most of each day, so rather than wasting time doing something I don't enjoy I get up and do something more worthy of my time or I knit faster.  --Ann--  linking to Judy's OTN


Judy S. said...

Cute caps, and the socks look great! Glad you getting settled in your new place; moving is a lot of work. I can't even imagine leaving this house where we've lived for almost 40 years!

Ramona said...

I like your new mantras, especially the one about doing things you don't like or are a waste of time. Your caps and socks are lovely. I glad your hide and seek game is over....for the time being! :) Happy birthday!